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Let me introduce myself


Lauris Stakepool247

I'm Lauris, the owner of Cardano Stake Pool - EU01

I have been with Cardano Project since 2017 when I first heard about the Vision of what a 3rd generation crypto should be. As I have been involved in the crypto world since 2013 - the Cardano project was like a fresh breeze.

In 2019 I participated in the Incentivised TestNet project and run one of my first Cardano Stake Pools, since that - I have been heavily involved in different projects with Cardano:

  • ITN - ¬†running and testing Cardano node on testnet
  • Shelley Testnet - checking Cardano node software before it is released to the MainNet
  • Friends&Family member: a member of a group of people who were selected to help IOHK (IOG) and CF to do the final tweaks and give direct feedback on performance issues as well as educate other Stake Pool Operators
  • EUO1 - Running a Cardano Stake Pool
  • Created and managed a support group for new SPOs: https://t.me/StakePool247help
  • Created a Youtube channel with installation guides: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYjVc2vllBFWnhsie69pq-g
  • SPOCRA Board Member https://spocra.io
  • Joining as CTO of Stake Pool member collaboration under The Arthur J Goldman (AJG) brand.
  • Catalyst Circle Member (CC1 representing Stake Pool Operators)