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Public ADA Staking Pools

Outsourced Stake Pool Administration

We are providing Public ADA staking pools where you pay a small 4% fee to cover our server running costs.


We have chosen the fixed percentage fee, so we get some commissions only when you have earned something, if not – no commissions for us – so it’s a WIN, WIN scenario!

PRIVATE ADA Staking pools

For 90Mil+ ADA Owners

We understand the issues and requirements needed to successfully run a stake pool – therefore we are offering to large scale investors a Private ADA Staking pool

Tailored to individual needs

As Staking becomes more and more popular investment option – there are a growing market of private investors, who are not interested to run Staking pools by themselves as well they don’t want to run into the risk that one of their selected  public pools gets over-saturated, and therefore thy will lose money. For these investors we have service where we are providing a Private Staking Pool (Server) for a fixed monthly fee.

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